Becky grew up in the great farming county of Lincolnshire, with parents who taught her the importance of home-cooking and the significance of food waste. Food waste has a severe impact on the environment, for what ends up in landfill produces the potent greenhouse gas methane.  

Having lived for two years in France, the French market culture and drive to eat seasonal foods was inspiring. Also, as a diagnosed Coeliac of 10 years she has a passion for cooking and eating food that is good for the soul. The Local Squeeze believes food should be inclusive and shared by all that is why we love naturally vegan and gluten free food.   



Katie grew up in a small village in Surrey until she moved to Spain at the age of ten. Ever since then she hasn't stopped travelling and on her travels she has found an inspiration for cooking world foods. 

A part time chef and a student studying to be a Steiner teacher, the alternative form of education will help amalgamate into the social aspect of The Local Squeeze. Katie won't stop until she has taught as many people as possible about food waste  and the importance of using seasonal produce for sustainability.