The Local Squeeze founded by Becky and Katie is a social enterprise based in South London. Making fresh fruit and vegetable juices, soups and naturally vegan and gluten free lunches. We use seasonal and surplus produce from local sources including markets, green grocers, allotments and local urban farms. We cook every Wednesday at The Platform farm cafe in Loughborough Junction, a community cafe with a radiating spirit that offers healthy vegetarian food for around a fiver. We also do ethical catering for events specialising in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food. We cater for community projects, supper clubs, farmers markets, festivals and private events. 

Volunteering weekly for The Felix Project really opened our eyes to the sheer scale of food waste in London and unfortunately, to the number of people affected by food poverty. So, we thought, how can we help to tackle this problem? Our shared desire to reduce food waste and our passion for cooking and eating healthy have laid the foundations for The Local Squeeze. Promoting our core values of being eco-friendly and working towards zero waste, we even compost our vegetable pulp into cakes! 

Some facts around food waste

Stopping UK household food waste would have an environmental impact equal to taking 25% of our cars off our roads

In the UK 15 million tonnes of perfectly edible food is thrown away every year

Over 1/3 of all produce never reaches our plates! It is often thrown away due to aesthetic imperfections or over-forecasted demand